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Ajuntha Textile
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Welcome to Ajuntha Textile
   Ajuntha texitle Material ---
--- A symbol of elegance & beauty

The sari has often been described as ' the apparel that covers all...yet reveals all '

Ajuntha Textile proudly presents all type of Lehenga Chunari, Sharara, Sarees:- Gadwal, Venkatgiri, Madurai Cotton, Banarasi Silk, Crepe,Kanchipuram Silk,Mysore Silk,SalemSilk,Poonam Sarees, Japan Poonam,Gorjette, Cotton, Italian Crepe, Print Sarees.

The Company was founded in 1975 by the D.Muthu Vairu Pillai and his Sons - , M. Saravanan Kumar Pillai  , M.Ramanan Pillai and S.Nagarajan Pillai, the surviving icon of the family. The beginnings were humble, the set-up was small but the expectations were great. The intention was to provide quality product and dedicated service to all its clients and customers.
Here is our one of  theSample Saress
We also Sell Pooja items and Stainless Steel

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Ajuntha Textile Sdn Bhd
1002&1003 Jalan Masjid India
  Selongor Mansion, 50100 KL
Ph  : 03-26986284
Branch in Melaka
Muthu Ram Company
22/24 Jalan Bendahara
75100 Melaka